Tradeshows and Events

Since 2004 we have been supporting Panasonic with POS and display solutions, as well as trade show and event initiatives throughout Europe. Over the years we have designed, organised and built numerous spaces on trade show grounds of up to 6000 square metres for the IFA, Photokina and IBC as well as for internal events. This has included casting and managing actors, moderators, models, stylists, athletes, dancers, cooks, and bloggers. We are also responsible for creating areas where different electronic products are presented and can be tested by the consumer. Additionally, our expertise includes all visual merchandising concepts, decoration and the set up of all areas.

Performances and Product Demonstrations

A key way to enrich the visitor experience at trade shows, particularly in the field of consumer electronics, is to see the products in action. This can either be through a professional demonstration or through a more theatrical approach. When possible, we try to get the visitors to try the product out themselves, which is often the most effective form of promotion.

Product Presentation and Testing

It is critical to present the products in a way that will draw in potential customers to find out more and ideally try them out themselves. Our focus is always on creating engaging displays that are relevant to each product's key features and functions. This is particularly important with cameras, where we have to design "shooting objects" that present a range of interesting and varied shooting situations within a limited space.

Visual Merchandising and Decoration

Effective product presentation takes place in an engaging context. This is often in the form of a staging or display area with objects and graphics that add a richness to the presentation or a real-world link to product use scenarios.

Project Details